Enhancing the Beauty Experience One Drop at a Time

In the vast ocean of cosmetic ingredients, Additives stand out as the versatile enhancers that elevate the efficacy, texture, and longevity of our favorite products. These components, often used in small amounts, make a significant impact on the overall user experience. Journey with us into the world of Additives like Glycerin, Propylene glycol, and Phthalates, and discover how they refine the beauty ritual.

Unveiling the Subtle Power of Additives (N-(Hydroxymethyl)benzamide, TX/NP-10, Phthalates, Glycerin, Propylene glycol)

  • N-(Hydroxymethyl)benzamide: This additive, with its antimicrobial properties, acts as a preservative, ensuring products remain free from contamination and maintain their potency over time.
  • TX/NP-10: Often used as a surfactant, TX/NP-10 helps products achieve the right foaming ability and consistency, enhancing the cleansing experience in shampoos, body washes, and facial cleansers.
  • Phthalates (e.g., diethyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate): These compounds, while controversial, have been used as solvents and fixatives in perfumes and hair sprays, ensuring the scent lingers for longer.
  • Glycerin: A powerhouse in the world of cosmetics, Glycerin attracts moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and plump. Found in a myriad of products, from lotions to face masks, its moisturizing prowess is unparalleled.
  • Propylene glycol: A versatile additive, Propylene glycol serves multiple roles – from enhancing the penetration of ingredients to acting as a humectant. It ensures products not only deliver their promised benefits but also feel pleasant on the skin.

Additives – The Silent Enhancers of Cosmetic Artistry

Additives, while often overshadowed by active ingredients, play a critical role in the success of a cosmetic product. They fine-tune formulations, ensuring that each product not only delivers its promised benefits but also offers a sensory delight. Explore our curated range of Additives and appreciate the subtle artistry they bring to every beauty product.

Phthalates (e.g., diethyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate)
Propylene glycol